Services | Transportation Management


When transporting your group from the airport to the hotel and beyond, Kuoni double majors in efficiency and creativity.

Airport Transfers

Transferring guests to and from the airport involves much more than securing vehicles. There’s an art to it. Kuoni has mastered the craft of designing cost-effective airport transportation plans that blend timely service and reliable baggage handling with the assurance of comfort and convenience for your guests.

Customized Signage

Signage identifies your company, reinforces your meeting or event messaging, greets guests and helps them find their way more easily. Kuoni can help you anticipate where signage should be located and make sure it’s designed, produced and in place when your guests arrive, from the distinctive placards held up by Kuoni uniformed staff at the airport to colorful posters welcoming guests to the host hotel.

Manifest Management

Kuoni has devised best practices for grouping guests and transporting them to and from the airport. We will work with you from arrival through departure day to ensure that the transportation plan is up-to-date and reflects last minute, unexpected manifest changes.

Shuttle Services

Many Kuoni clients require almost nonstop ferrying of attendees between venues during their meeting, incentive program or convention. They rely on our transportation experts to develop a shuttle plan that balances this complicated equation: minimal waiting time + optimal vehicle usage + best possible street routing.

Unique Transportation Solutions

Kuoni has a flair for making every point-to-point journey part of the overall program experience. A simple trip to dinner becomes a moveable party, thanks to open-air trolleys and on-board cocktail service. Incentive programs really reward when attendees have access to sporty convertibles during their stay. Or how about this wildly creative solution: staging a private Mardi Gras parade, complete with authentic floats, to transfer guests from their New Orleans hotel to an off-site dinner. (We cleared the streets and made it happen!)