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Unlike most DMCs, which act as fulfillment providers of local destination services, Kuoni views your business from a strategic perspective. By partnering with us, you will ensure that your company’s strategic objectives are incorporated into the DMC-managed components of your meeting, incentive program, convention and special event, and that the entire process is streamlined and transparent. Here are just a few strategic advantages of working with Kuoni:

Single Point of Contact

Kuoni National and Global Account Executives serve as “consultative watchdogs,” looking out for your best interests and opportunities to leverage spend, monitoring the consistency of service delivery and driving a strategic, streamlined effort across all program operations. Clients have the convenience of one empowered contact for their national or multi-national account needs.

Knowledge Sharing

Once you work with Kuoni, you never start at square one when you work with us again. Our DMC teams hit the ground running, armed with key account information housed in our centralized database, as well as an understanding of your corporate culture provided by Kuoni National/Global Account Executives and local teams that have worked on your previous programs.

Contingency Plans & Ensuring Bandwidth

Another benefit of working with Kuoni (a wholly owned organization) versus a network of independently owned and managed companies is our standardized training, operational practices and accountability nationwide. By training and outfitting all of our staff in the same way, we can maximize resources for our clients, “plugging in” Kuoni staff members from other offices when unanticipated challenges present themselves.


One of the many benefits of working with a wholly owned, standardized organization is the assurance that all employees are trained and evaluated in the same manner, and that procedures and operational practices are one and the same at every location and at every step of the process, from the letter of agreement to post-program debrief.


Kuoni’s size, scope and global whole ownership allow us to provide financial advantages over single-shop DMCs and DMC alliances/networks. Whether it is the customized structure of your local, national or global agreement with Kuoni, or the benefit you will receive from our buying power, you will see that partnering with Kuoni ensures optimal value.