Services | Special Events


Too often, companies host special events that simply aren’t all that special! Kuoni DMC experts take great pride in transforming your event into an extraordinary sensory experience.

Décor & Thematic Design

One of Kuoni’s greatest strengths is helping you identify the ideal theme for your event and conveying its message at unique and creative touch points. If you desire a transporting environment for your event, Kuoni’s award-winning décor and thematic design capabilities are second to none.

Catering Management & Menu Design

Of all the senses, taste can make (or break) your event experience more than any other. Kuoni’s DMC professionals take a catering approach that is both epicurean and efficient: designing great menus, ensuring the right quantities of food and beverage are available and managing unexpected changes in attendance graciously.

Expert Lighting, Staging & A/V

From illuminating a private dinner with creative lighting and color wash to presenting a dynamic, bold stage design for a general session, Kuoni has the expertise and resources to stimulate your guests’ senses with custom-produced sights and sounds. Kuoni can tailor lighting, staging and A/V solutions for both outdoor and indoor events to create the exact ambience you want.

Local & Headline Entertainment

Kuoni’s talent pool is deep, and we can arrange the perfect entertainment to complement your theme and command “bravos” from your attendees—from accomplished local performers to A-list comedians and musical acts, from inspiring motivational speakers to personalities relevant to your industry or latest trends.

Interactive Environments

Attending an event is fine, but actively participating in the event is unforgettable! Kuoni has conceived, designed and produced some of the industry’s most creative and unique interactive event experiences. Without giving away our trade secrets, we can tell you that attendees who taste, sip, play, battle, hit, toss, dance, sing, compete, build, design, paint or cook their way around a Kuoni interactive event are fully engaged and having the time of their lives.