About Us | The Kuoni Difference

A touchstone is a test for purity, the reference point against which all other things are evaluated.

What sets Kuoni Destination Management apart from other U.S. DMCs? We define the Kuoni difference by our Touchstones. They reflect our promise to combine warm, personalized service with the highest global standards of professionalism to deliver authentic, highly creative destination experiences. We test ourselves constantly to ensure we meet our Touchstones. Only then can we be confident that clients enjoy a genuine Kuoni destination experience.

Touchstone: Client Enculturation

Our services revolve around each client’s needs, wants and desires. Before designing any program, Kuoni destination experts gain a thorough understanding of the client’s corporate culture and how they define success. Throughout the planning and execution stages, every Kuoni employee who touches a client program understands precisely who the client company is, who the attendees are, why they are attending and what the company (and the meeting planner) is looking to accomplish.

Touchstone: Local Knowledge & Creative Delivery

The destination experts at Kuoni’s U.S. DMC offices really know their stuff. But they offer much more than local destination knowledge. They have the deep experience, the inspired creativity and the terrier-like determination to see every program through from A to Z. But don’t take our word for it. Check out their favorite places and programs at each of our Destinations and see what our clients have to say about their own Kuoni experience.

Touchstone: A Grassroots Global Approach

At Kuoni Destination Management, we know clients care first about the experience they have in a specific destination. At the grassroots level, Kuoni DMC teams have the creativity, the local connections and the freedom to think outside the box. However, each U.S. DMC office is backed by Kuoni’s high global standards of professionalism and its century’s worth of industry leadership and financial stability. Kuoni destination experts can also tap into the expertise of 20+ wholly-owned locations throughout Europe. We “think and act local” but have the strength of Kuoni’s global resources behind us.